Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Spotlight: Alfie!

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Sunday Spotlight! :)

This week we feature Alfie the Entlebucher Mountain Dog from Alfie's blog, another one of our fabulous Monday Mischief hosts! :) Alfie lives all the way in London! Wow!

Here is what he had to say about his blog! :)

"My name is Alfie and I'm a fourteen month old Entlebucher Mountain Dog. That's a Swiss breed, in case you're curious - we're originally bred to herd cattle, pull milk carts and guard the family farms in the Swiss Alps, but nowadays most of us are family pets. We're really popular in Europe, but there are not that many Entlebuchers in the UK yet where I live and so I like to think I'm special! When I was younger lots of humans used to mistake me for a Beagle, but now I'm big and handsome most people see the similarity in markings between me and my bigger cousins the Bernese Mountain Dogs.

I started blogging when I moved to my humans in London so I could stay in touch with their families who live abroad. Then I started making lots of dog friends like you Luna on the internet and before I knew it I had so many readers I couldn't count them on one paw anymore! Then I started writing articles to help other puppies out there with important issues like 'how to conquer your space in the humans bed', 'the sock game and how to play it' and how to get lazy humans to play with them more. I like to think I'm making a difference and even more so now that I've started the Monday Mischief Pet bloghop with my partners in crime, Snoopy, Luna and The biiiig Newfies! On Fridays I give my human and other pet bloggers tips on how to take better photos of their pooches and a couple of months ago I had a really cool idea and opened my own dog shop! Now I love to sniff the internet for cool toys and dog stuff to stock on the virtual shelves.

When I'm not blogging I love to play with other dogs in the park. I'm friends with everyone, from the biggest labradors to the smallest terriers, and there's nothing better than stretching your legs in a good game of chase with a good friend. Well, there is one thing that's better. Its a game called fetch and it is probably the best thing ever invented for dogs. I could chase that ball for hours if they let me! I also love to go swimming and use my nose to sniff out toys my humans hide around the house. 

Thanks so much for inviting me to your Sunday Spotlight feature Luna - i only wish we lived closer to each other so we could meet up for a real play date! *waggy tail*

Lots of puppy kisses,
Alfie, you are such a handsome pup! Thank you so much for being a part of our Sunday Spotlight :)
Here are some of our Favourite posts on Alfie's Blog! :)

-Monday Mischief Bloghop, Snoring? Who? Me?! This was Alfie's very first of our Monday Mischief series!! :) Don't worry Alfie, I never snore either :D

-How not to stop your Puppy from Digging... I love Digging, it's one of my favourite past times :D

and - How to take Good Dog photos without leaving bed...  This is a great idea, daddies are always making me take photos, I don't need to even leave my bed now! :)

Take the time to stop by and say a big Hello to Alfie! :)

If you would like to be a part of Sunday Spotlight, please email me at :)

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