Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tip Day Tuesday: Separation Anxiety

Hi everyone!

Welcome to another Tip Day Tuesday! This week, I am writing about Separation Anxiety in dogs. I looked into it a bit more after found our puppy seems to struggle a bit with us leaving her alone. Let's check it out...

The Issue:
Dogs are naturally 'pack' animals. With this in mind, they may experience symptoms of 'separation anxiety' which can include barking (or howling if you have a Beagle), destruction of your garden and or cables, cords and wooden items. Some severe symptoms include jumping from high places, breaking their teeth on hard items and breaking through screen doors - all with the intent of getting to their owners. What to do?

The Answer:
Each dog will obviously be different with how it deals with it. Here are a few things to consider:
- Putting her outside 15 minutes before you leave
- Not making a big deal when you do get home
- Be consistent and try to avoid change in these circumstances
- Get into the habit of getting your dog to have alone time with you in the house while they are outside so they are used to time alone
- Give plenty of affection and cuddles in the place where they would be alone
- Make sure they have a kennel or secure place they can call theirs in their 'alone' space

See your Vet if you would like to get professional advice on your personal circumstance. There are also heaps of websites on Separation Anxiety specifically for dogs.

Keen to hear if you have experienced this also and what has helped.

That's all for this week and catch you all soon.
Love and wags!
Antz xo


  1. Going to daycare helped me. Well I guess that is not help cuz I'm with other dogs, but I like it there and there are many other benefits that have come along from being there.

  2. Luckily, I work from home so Indiana doesn't have to be separated from me much. If I do go out, I'm more worried he'll terrorize the cat and eat the baseboards, which is a problem in itself.

  3. I had terrible separation anxiety when I first came to live with my people. Not the worst Mom read about, but still pretty bad. They finally called a trainer to help me and her tips have helped a LOT, especially practicing separations. Mom puts me in my crate and then makes all the noises of leaving, but stays quiet in the house. I also take medicine everyday which helps take the edge off, but keeps me my lovable self :)


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