Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Travis' Travels: Bonjour Paris!

Hi Everyone!
I am soooooooo sorry! We have been so busy this last weekend looking for a new house and everything that I completely forgot to write my next installment of Travis' Travels! We spent our last day in Spain checking out some of the amazing sights from up in the mountains of Murcia at a place called Fuensanta. It was such an amazing view! We had lunch and then drove back through the city to meet up with a friend for dinner at a very yummy Tapas place!

After a minor hiccup and a little confusion with flights we left Spain on the Monday to head to our next stop: Paris! The flight doesn't take very long and we jumped straight in a taxi to our hotel, a beautiful little boutique hotel called the Eiffel Seine Hotel. Once we got everything settled and checked out the view of the Seine from our room we went in search for some food. A couple of lovely people from America suggested that we head down to a restaurant right near the hotel and try it! The first thing that we noticed was that the prices were a lot different to Spain! Everything wouldn't be so cheap anymore!

For first course we decided to be brave and try the Escargot (snails if you didn't know already)! ICK! At first they bring out your instruments of torture and then out come the snails! They were very garlicy, but not something that I would like to try again! I think it was more the process of getting the snail out of the shell... I know Luna loves eating snails, but I just don't know how she does it! After the snails out came my steak, as a Tiger I really like steak and the food was just amazing, especially the molten chocolate cake dessert! Yum!

We decided to take a short stroll to check out the Eiffel tower at night as we would be going up to the very top in the morning. The tower is absolutely beautiful! There are no shortage of tourists there taking pictures and just revelling in the beauty of the tower. Mind you it was absolutely freezing! We got to see all the lights twinkle which was just magical! The next day we were up early to head down to the tower, but there was already a line of people before it even opened!

Will post more about it on Thursday!

Until then! Travis xo


  1. They have molten chocolate cakes even in Paris? How funny!

    I've never tried escargot, but my friends who have say that it just tastes mostly like the butter and the garlic that it's cooked in. I do think that the texture would defeat me.


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